Pharmacy Mall is a drugstore and online pharmacy that allows you to order non-prescription drugs to be delivered directly to your home. But what are the reasons why you can use the online pharmacy? In most cases, this can be due to the fact that you are not able to go and buy your medication at the nearest pharmacy. In this case, you just need to go to the Pharmacy Mall website to order your medicines. Also, in some cases, you may not want other people to know what type of medicine you want to buy at the pharmacy. By ordering your medicines online, you will no longer have this kind of embarrassment; online pharmacies are the guarantors of your confidentiality. You just have to set the price of your medication which will then be delivered to you. At Pharmacy Mall, we have implemented a very strict control system for the drugs ordered on our website. Indeed, we have defined a maximum quantity of products that can be delivered. In addition, before we validate the products you have ordered, we make sure that you understand the meaning of the instructions for each drug.

Furthermore, thanks to the broad database that we have at our disposal, we can systematically check any possible drug interactions in relation to your orders. Finally, before the validation of your basket by our pharmacist, we send you a health questionnaire which you should complete to ensure that the drugs you have ordered are actually suitable for your condition. In addition, for ordering and paying for your medicines and products in drugstores, we have set up a very reactive system. To order, you must create a basket of products. Once you have validated your basket, an operation which acts as an order, payment is made by bank card, by sending a check or by bank transfer. You have the choice between several payment methods. Our online payment system is completely secure.

In our online pharmacy, you will find hundreds of references of over-the-counter medicines and Rx treatments. Pharmacy Mall is a Canadian online pharmacy approved by the leading organizations for the sale of medicines on the Internet. It is therefore a completely secure online pharmacy that we offer you here, where you can order your medicines, drugstore products or baby product with peace of mind. As proof, Pharmacy Mall is registered on the list of pharmacies authorized on the website of CIPA and has obtained authorization from the Regional Health Agency.

But our services don’t stop at the quick sale and delivery of certified brand name drugs. We also offer a lot of advice and we have specially developed a self-medication aid tool for our customers to support them in their treatment procedures. Indeed, on our website, you have at your disposal advice sheets which have been produced by health professionals. These sheets are accompanied by an online self-medication guide. Based on certain information that you communicate to us online, we are able to suggest certain types of medication that correspond to your state of health. For this, you just need to indicate to us via a personal online account your gender, the description of your symptoms as well as your preference for medication presentation (syrup, capsules, cream, etc.). Besides, apart from the fact that our online advice sheets are intended to guide you in your online medication purchases, they also include some useful advice on the benefits of different types of medicine, such as alternative medicine, or quite a variety of health topics such as tips for ensuring good sleep, and even advice on fairly general subjects, for example on what should be a good travel kit, etc. Thus, we do not position ourselves as an online pharmacy solely oriented on the commercial aspect of customer relations, but also as an advisor who provides simple tips to improve the daily life of his customers. In addition, we remain at your disposal: a team of professional pharmacists is at your service on the phone. A question? A doubt? They are there to answer you!

Pharmacy Mall is your reference in the field of the sale of medicines on the Internet that offers here more than 20,000 medicines without prescription on the Canadian market. The origin of each of our medicines online is carefully monitored. By purchasing non-prescription drugs online in our store, you can be sure that you will be receiving certified origin drugs at home within a few days.

You don’t know how to use your medicines bought online? Don’t panic: our self-medication help tool supports you in the safe and effective use of each online drug offered on Need more information on one of our products? Not sure whether or not you can consume a particular medication? Contact our pharmacist advisers by phone: they will give you all the keys you need! You will understand, for a fast and 100% safe treatment, buy your medicines online in the Pharmacy Mall!

 Pharmacy Mall also offers more than 6,000 references of products and skincare products online. Our online drugstore service thus offers you a wide catalog of high quality brands for skin, oral hygiene, care for babies and young children, pregnancy, nutrition, hair and many more! Moreover, we also offer a large selection of medical equipment (measuring devices, diagnostic devices, small equipment and cutlery, etc.).

We offer many hair products such as shampoos and colorings from different brands. shows a complete offer of pharmacy on the Internet, which sends you your beauty, health and well-being products directly to your home, in just a few days, in the greatest respect of all standards Canadian security forces. The origin of all our products is FDA certified, and we have the approval of numerous organizations that control the sale of medicines.

Need help or additional information regarding one or more products available on our online drugstore? Use our self-medication guide now, read our self-service advice sheets or call one of our pharmacist advisers: they will be happy to guide you in your purchase of products or care. Our entire team is at your disposal.