Pharmacy Mall is an online drug store offering online consultation service. We provide our patients with a private consultation service, dispensing of prescriptions, as well as dispensing of drugs and their delivery.

Process of placing order

1. Patients can find the drug they are looking for or the disease they need treatment with through our search bar. Once you have found the medicine you need, you can click on the ‘Buy Now’ button. You will then be redirected to the medical questionnaire.

2. Our medical questionnaire was drawn up by a medical team made up of a doctor and a pharmacist. It allows patients to ask questions about their general health, the disease they are suffering from and the medication they wish to buy.

The length of the questionnaire will depend on the patient’s illness and the medication ordered. But most of our questionnaires include around fifteen questions.

3. Once the patient has answered the questions, the patient will have to provide their name, delivery and payment details.

4. The questionnaire will then be checked by our medical team.

According to the answers on the medical form, the doctor or prescriber approves or cancels the order. In some cases, our medical team may ask the patient for additional information before making a decision. He can contact the patient through our messaging system and accessible from the patient account. If a doctor needs more information, a patient will receive a notification by SMS or email.

If the order is refused, a patient will be notified by e-mail. The latter will detail the reason why the order was canceled and a patient will be advised to consult his general practitioner. In this case, a patient will not be billed. If the order is validated, a doctor will send a notification to a patient to provide him with appropriate advice and safety information relating to the drug ordered.

5. At the same time, the electronic prescription will be sent to the pharmacy.

6. Our pharmacy will evaluate the doctor’s prescription and the questionnaire completed by the patient. He will then decide to validate or decline the order, ask the patient to provide additional information before making a final decision or discuss it with the doctor before making a decision. Again, if the order is canceled by the pharmacy, a patient will be notified by email. The reason for the refusal will be detailed and a patient will be asked to consult his general practitioner. A patient will not be billed for this order canceled by our services. If the order is confirmed by our pharmacist, the medicine will be dispensed by our pharmacy.

7. Once the medication is ready for shipping, it will be collected by one of our delivery partners and shipped to the patient’s delivery address under the option 24h delivery. So that he can follow the delivery of his package, a patient will receive his package tracking number by email and / or text, depending on the option he has chosen.

8. To receive a package, a patient must present a valid identity document to a delivery person, with photo. This can be a passport, identity card or driver’s license.

9. After a patient has received a package, he will be invited by e-mail to post a comment on our webpage. If a patient is not satisfied with our service or if he encounters a problem with his order, he can directly contact our patient service, who will work to resolve the problem encountered.

The law prohibits accepting return drugs or offering reimbursement. However, in some cases, we can reimburse the patient if there is a problem with the medication or with our service.

The drugs we sell

All treatments sold on come from reputable drug wholesalers. We only sell medicines legally authorized by the Food and Drug Administration. Some of the drugs we sell cannot be prescribed for initial treatment. This is particularly the case for drugs that treat chronic diseases, the initial diagnosis to be made in person by a doctor. However, if the treatment has already been prescribed by a general practitioner or a specialist, we will offer patients a refill of their prescription. These restrictions are indicative on our website.

In some cases, we may offer “off-indication”’ treatment. This means that the drug ordered has not been specifically authorized for sale to treat the disease for which the patient is ordering. However, some doctors may prescribe this medication for this purpose. When a drug is sold on our pharmacy as “off-indication”, we expressly specify it on the website. You can find out more by visiting our information page.

Storage and processing of patient information

All information provided by the patient when using our service is managed with the utmost professionalism. If a patient gives his consent, we will inform their general practitioner of the order. Otherwise, we will never disclose the patient’s medical information to a third party. The only personal information we share with the company responsible for delivering the package is the patient’s first and last name, address and contact details.

We do not store the bank data of our patients. All personal information provided by the patient is stored on a secure server. The only people who have access to their information are our medical team and the pharmacy staff, who are trained in information and data protection procedures. When our doctors want more information about a patient, they will ask the patient directly to use our secure chat system. More details regarding the online protection of personal information are available on our information page.

Restriction of our service

Our service mainly aims to offer accessibility and convenience to patients who:

  • For some reason, cannot see their doctor in person
  • For certain reasons, cannot collect their medication in person from the pharmacy

However, there are limits to this service. Consulting a doctor online is by no means an identical alternative to consulting a doctor in person. A face-to-face consultation with a general practitioner will always be preferable to an online consultation because the doctor can potentially identify certain problems that are only controllable during a physical appointment.

It is also important to note that a general practitioner who has known his patient for some time will know his medical history and will have a more familiar report. Our doctors and prescribers do not have access to the patient’s history. Our consultation service requires the patient to describe their medical history to our medical team, so that they can deliver true and precise information. Thus, our doctors will be able to develop an idea of ​​the patient’s medical profile. However, patients should not consider this service as a substitute for an in-person consultation with their family doctor, whom they already know and who are familiar with their medical profile. Therefore, and if possible, we always recommend that patients have a face-to-face consultation with their doctor.

Finally, our service is private. The prices displayed on the site include medical consultation, prescription, medication and delivery within one working day. However, the prices charged on our website will be higher than the total that a patient will have to pay to consult his usual doctor.