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In a passionate and effective way, Pharmacy Mall wants to offer meaningful and innovative pharmacy services that inspire people to a more positive life.

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At our drugstore, the customer meets competent and well-trained staff who are experts in prescription drugs, over the counter and parapharmaceutical solutions. Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy Mall is part of large association of pharmacy providers, which always guarantees that you can find any drug at the best price within seconds at our website, and have it delivered to you at a minimal to no cost. The focus of our pharmacy is androlgical and sexual health, with unlimited number of generic versions for poopular ED drugs like Viagra, but we are equally equipped to bring you any solution for your health that your doctor recommended for you.  In a nutshell, we are a global leader in product flows for healthcare, outpatient pharmacies, sexual health and specialist care, and technical system solutions for healthcare.

Canadian Pharmacy Mall benefits

The growing popularity of our e-drugstore can be explained by the unbeatable advantages we bring into the deal every time you order from us:

  • verified drug quality
  • prices fixed at low levels
  • biggest choice of sexual health drugs
  • efficient discount tools
  • worldwide shipping
  • safe shopping and payment
  • customer integrity protected
  • additional services for increased purchase value

Our structure

Pharmacy Mall is run by Canadian Pharmacy, which is owned by the company based in Ontario, Canada, one of the leading international service companies in the pharmaceutical, pharmacy and health care fields. The Group operates in multiple countries around the world and employs top pharmaceuts and pharmacy technicians, creating jobs and stimulating global healthcare economy in a measurable way.

Within our company, we care about each other, our customers and our business partners. Compliance with laws and internal guidelines is important and compliance is an integral part of Canadian Pharmacy corporate culture. Compliance within our company is a living topic that is constantly evolving to constantly adapt to current legislation, the current situation in the company and the world around it.

Generic drugs from Canada

How do Canadian healthcare officials manage to keep the prices within the limits of reason and affordability in a world riddled with sky-high costs for pharmaceuticals? This benefit is achieved through regular monitoring and intervention into the price formation in the sector on the part of government. One of the recent measures taken in this direction was an agreement between the government of Canada and the manufacturers of generic drugs. In 2016, the National Assembly adopted a law aimed at reducing the cost of certain drugs covered by the general insurance plan of the province by giving itself the right to proceed to calls for tenders.

Shifting to generic drugs at the state level is considered to be a much better solution for taxpayers, patients, healthcare professionals and the generic industry than a risky tendering process, he writes. In the pharmaceutical industry, e-shoppers clearly recognize the value of the contribution of the generic drug industry to the health system and the economy.

The government could then have purchased its generic drugs from the lowest bidder, as has been the case in New Zealand since the 1990s. Canada is in a very different situation from New Zealand since the country is home to a pharmaceutical industry that the government seeks to protect. It was therefore a question of finding the balance between finding low prices and protecting jobs in the community. Other popular countries with manufacturers of generic medications are India, Turkey, Great Britain and others.

Generic drugs cost the public drug plan $800 million a year. With a new agreement, Canadians will save $300 million a year – a significant price reduction that customers from the US and other countries can partake of through shopping at our mall. This measure affects beneficiaries of public insurance as well as beneficiaries of private insurance, as well as people without any healthcare insurance coverage.

Discount drug offers

When the disease strikes, few people look at the expense. The catch is that some drugs are overpriced not only for the sick, but for health insurance plans. Why does it have to be that way? Just like any vendor, pharmaceutical companies charge what they think patients are willing to spend on a drug. Since every drug is used by a very small number of people, the companies hope to recoup their investment.

The pharmaceutical industry justifies the high prices of its drugs by arguing that they are necessary to finance research and development of new products. The industry would set its prices to recover the cost of its investments. The answer to that arrived at in Canada, and at our company in particular, is shifting towards the use of generics. For instance, lifestyle drugs that are hugely popular and have no analogs, like pills for ED (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Spedra) are charged for a hefty extra by the original producers – but they can be sourced from generic drug manufacturers without any loss in quality.

Challenging the system of high pharmaceuticals costs is exactly what we do at Pharmacy Mall. We offer cheaper generic medications alongside with more pricey original drugs for everyone to choose according to their needs and budget limits.

In Canada, drugs can be purchased either through private insurance or through a public health insurance plan. The government negotiates with the companies to get the lowest possible price, but since some private insurance companies buy any drug at any price, the government’s bargaining power is reduced. There are private insurance companies that refuse to pay outright, so the bill fails in the hands of the government, who then must make economical choices. This system fostered by Canada allows us to always offer lower priced medications not only domestically, but to shoppers from other countries as well.

Negotiating with pharmaceutical companies is the only tool available to pharmacies. After all, there is nothing that compels pharmaceutical companies to lower their prices. Industrialized countries, such as Canada, are evaluating the benefits of a drug and asking to pay a price they consider reasonable in relation to the therapeutic value. Our company is very aggressive in their negotiations with pharmaceutical companies and refuse to pay the big price.

In India, for example, the law makes it easier to manufacture generic drugs, thereby lowering the price of drugs. Very concrete results are achieved in this way: the price of the same medication varies according to your country of residence. And if you live in one of those countries where patients pay the most for their drugs, ordering through our company is your pass to an affordably priced healthcare.

Bonuses and deals

Apart from the homogeneously low cost of the drugs we have to offer, we are in a position to discount the cost of certain drug clusters throughout the year. Where other companies organize several sales a year, usually arranged to coincide with the season of holidays, where customer are offered too many discount options by far and face the difficulty of having to choose between them, our approach is to have discounted medications year round. With us, you can let go of the anxiety of bagging the items you need in the narrow frame of the holiday sales – you can come back any day, and use your promotion code for the exact drugs you need right now.

Our customers can depend on being treated to a vast variety of bonuses, compliments and offers included in their order every time they make a purchase on our website. This further brings down the cost of pharmaceutical products for our products, and makes us a more reasonable choice for any kind of drugstore shopping.

Services related to drugstore shopping

At our pharmacy, it is always a full cycle experience: we take every effort or qualm of yours out of the equation. The free-of-charge services that you find with us are:

  • instant drug search
  • drug refills with simple re-order routine
  • personal info stored in a secure way for easier future ordering
  • free pharmacist consultations online
  • informational support
  • 24/7 order placement
  • customer support with instant assistance
  • diversified and safe payment methods
  • selection of trusted delivery services
  • order tracking feature
  • individual discount finder
  • best price alerts through newsletter service
  • anti-spam protection

This list is not complete; you will discover that we are ready to accomodate you in every way you find necessary through active listening to your needs and participation in solving your problems.