Thanks to the prescription service, you can order medicines prescribed by your doctor directly from the customer area of ​​our online pharmacy. Take advantage of the advice of our pharmacist preparers and the best prices in pharmacies and drugstores.

Online prescription: how does it work?

1. Log into your customer account

In order to take into account your purchase of prescription drugs online, it is necessary to create a customer account and to fill it out properly. In the event of a stock shortage on one of your medicines, or if you need information about a refill online, our pharmacist must contact you by phone. In order to have information, he will ask you health questions on the current medication treatment(s), on the doses prescribed by your doctor or on the replacement of an original medication with a generic reference. It is therefore important to enter a valid telephone number and email address.

2. Send your prescription online

From your prescription area, you can deposit your prescription by taking a photo or scanning it. Let us know the time when you want to pick up your medicines ordered online and write us a comment if necessary. Our online prescription service is completely secure like everything at Pharmacy Mall. Concerned about maintaining the security of customer information and sensitive personal data, your online prescriptions are consulted by our pharmacists only to prepare your order for prescription drugs and advise you. In no case, they are disclosed to others.

3. Get your prescription drugs directly from the pharmacy or have them delivered right to your door

Once your electronic prescription sent, our pharmacists prepare it as soon as possible. You receive a first email telling you that your prescription drug order has been taken into account, a second to inform you that your prescription is being prepared by one of our pharmacists and then a last one to invite you to pick up your health products at the Pharmacy Mall counter or send them by courier. You can withdraw your prescriptions online, your non-prescription drug orders or your drugstore products for free. Check the opening hours of Pharmacy Mall.

4. The documents necessary for the withdrawal of prescriptions online

Remember, when you pick up your order for prescription drugs:

  • Personal ID
  • Original prescription

When ordering medical equipment such as compression stockings for men or women, a pharmacist will suggest that you try them on in pharmacies before taking them away. We inform you that the period of validity of your prescription is 3 months. Without a prescription refill by your doctor, no medication will be prepared by our pharmacists and no order for prescription medication will be taken into account on our online pharmacy website.


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How to fight against counterfeit online prescription?

Despite the presence of online pharmacies meeting all quality and safety standards, and despite the presence of health authorities, the traffic of unauthorized online pharmacies and falsified medicines is not about to stop.

For this, the government must work closely with the other competent authorities responsible for:

  • Attempt to draft a new anti-counterfeiting bill.
  • Strengthen the protection of public safety and health.
  • Ensure intellectual property.
  • Develop additional measures and heavier sanctions.
  • Identify illicit online platforms likely to sell counterfeit medicines.
  • Emphasize quality and safety controls at the online pharmacy level.
  • Reinforce awareness campaigns and actions against counterfeiting and the risks run by all stakeholders (general public, medical authorities, police and customs, members of the government).

To prevent counterfeiters from replacing a real drug with a fake one, drug manufacturers must:

  • Identify the box.
  • Protect its integrity and inviolability (such as glue dots or security labels on the case).
  • Authenticate the product.

Counterfeit medicine affects the health and safety of patients. Putting it up for sale in an online pharmacy is strictly illegal. They are still very difficult to spot, because the distribution channels are poorly controlled and know no borders. With the Internet, counterfeit medicines are easily dispersed and the purchase of a medicine online therefore requires a lot of vigilance. To identify an authorized online pharmacy, a list of official online drug sales sites is available on the web on the website of the order of pharmacists, for example.

A real danger to the health of all patients, online counterfeit medicines present many risks:

  • They do not meet any quality requirement.
  • They are in no way effective, and above all, they do not meet any safety standard. They can indeed be overdosed or underdosed.
  • The presence of toxic substances can cause unwanted side effects and major complications on the patient’s body.