A health question?

For all health questions, you can reach us on support@pharmacymall.com

But in order to facilitate our exchanges and simplify the processing of your requests, please consult our FAQ below before contacting us.

Need advice?

For all questions relating to a drug or other products sold on our site: advice on use, side effects, dosage, contraindications, send us an email. Our pharmacist team will process your request as soon as possible and send you a response email.

I can’t find my product?

The product you wish to purchase from our website is not a prescription drug. We will send you as soon as possible, by email, a link allowing you to directly access the product sheet.

I register on the site. Why do I have to complete a detailed questionnaire?

The legislation that governs the online sales sites of a pharmacy requires during the first registration of the user to complete a questionnaire of personal information. The reason is to secure the delivery (contraindications, side effects, allergies…). Your data is protected and cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Can’t I order more than one box for certain medications?

In accordance with good medication dispensing practices, you cannot order more than one box for certain medications depending on the exemption dose. The list of exempted drugs and products, for which the forms or routes of administration, the composition, the maximum doses or concentrations, or even the maximum duration of treatment, are specified by the FDA.

A question about your order?

I have not received an email confirming the preparation of my order?

You have successfully created your customer account and finalized your order by online payment and you have not received an email confirming the preparation of your order – consult your customer account.

I have not received an email confirming that my order has been sent?

You have received an order preparation confirmation email but no confirmation that your package has been sent – consult your customer account.

I received a confirmation email but I did not receive my order?

Your package has left our warehouse and you cannot locate it – to locate it, please click on the parcel number present on the order confirmation email. You will be redirected to the site of the chosen transporter.