Pharmacy Mall is managed by a team of health professionals at your service.  The quality and rigor of this Canadian health-care provider are transposed and optimized for the online sale of medicines.

We offer everything you need:

  • Advice adapted by health professionals
  • Traceability of all our items (guarantee of the origin, quality and authenticity of all our products)
  • Environmental protection (your products packaged with the greatest care will be sent to you in recycled packaging)
  • The confidentiality of our client file
  • Secure means of payment
  • Delivery of your medication at home
  • 3 possible delivery methods: at the post office, at home, by express.
  • A pharmacist is at your disposal around the clock.

Quality chart

In order to offer you the best online service for selling medicines, and because medicines are dangerous if they are misused, we have therefore chosen not to mix them with drugstore products and not to promote them. .

If you do not find a product for sale on our website, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to get it to you as soon as possible. Pharmacy Mall chain and its website for the online sale of authorized products and medicines are available to you via e-mail, live chat and on the phone.

Our services

  • Over 20,000 drugs are available without a prescription
  • A team of experienced pharmacists is at your service
  • Origin of products is FDA certified
  • Scanned instructions are available for all drugs
  • Detailed descriptions for all products
  • Photos of the products produced by us
  • Pharmacy Mall advice sheets to inform and advise you
  • The quantity of each drug sold online by Pharmacy Mall is limited to 5 for reasons of health safety and to avoid possible resales of our products
  • Secure payment

Benefits for patients

Almost a third of Canadian people say they are in favor of buying OTC drugs online. 20% of them buy prescription drugs online. Why? The reasons are as simple as they are obvious: prices are lower than in pharmacies, more flexible hours and greater confidentiality. It is this practicality that appeals to the Internet users using online pharmacies. No time constraint to place an order or to get your products delivered to your home; no need to discuss intimate or personal problems while seeking discretion among other patients in a pharmacy. Indeed, studies show that the main purchases of drugs online or ED products on the net relate to everything in the area of ​​privacy (sexuality or infections that we prefer to keep for ourselves). But we also note the purchase of products that we find in everyone to remedy daily aches (headache, stomach, throat, etc.). These products are obtained in advance, often in addition to particular intimate items the prices of which are lower than in offline pharmacies. The online pharmacy is easily contacted by email or telephone, and a patient always benefits from pharmaceutical advice, but the discussion can be facilitated when it concerns ailments considered to be bothersome or personal, since discretion is easier to obtain online than in the middle of a pharmacy.

 Benefits for Public Health

Authorizing the online sale of medicines in Canada was becoming a necessity. Indeed, even if Canadian pharmacists could not open an online pharmacy but they could obtain medicines sold on the internet via foreign websites. Legislating on such practices has made it possible to secure the drug circuit. Online pharmacies, because subject to Canadian regulations, thus offer the same products as regular pharmacies. No risk of counterfeits. In the best of cases, counterfeit products have no active ingredient or in less quantity, which amounts to buying a product which will necessarily be ineffective. But in the worst case, the active ingredient is substituted for substances harmful to health.

How to recognize an authorized online pharmacy?

Through a good practice decree, we have implemented a number of criteria to be met by pharmacists wishing to open an online pharmacy. These demanding criteria guarantee an authorized website. Thus, we must be able to find the identity of a pharmacist responsible for the online pharmacy, the coordinates of his pharmacy including an address, a phone number, an email, along with the authorization or the corporate name of the host of the website.

The website itself must be organized in such a way that it presents a specific tab for medicines in order to clearly distinguish them from parapharmacy products. Each patient must be able to have a confidential private space. The advice usually provided by pharmacists must be able to be found on the Internet. Thus, we will impose maximum quantities on certain products, we will ask for treatments in progress or allergies, we will verify that the product’s manual has been read. Each medication must in fact have a sheet explaining the contraindications, the method of administration, the dosage to be observed..

Authorized online pharmacy

CIPA and the Ministry of Health keep the list of authorized pharmacies up to date. This list is easily searchable. This website gives the list of drugs sold in Canada. If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult one of these documents. Pharmacy Mall online thus meets all these criteria and guarantees the quality and authenticity of the products and medicines sold online on our website.

If some denounce the emergence of online pharmacies, it should rather be considered that they are the extension on the internet of physical pharmacies because they meet a real need of patients. We cannot argue a shortfall for pharmacies since online pharmacies depend on a pharmacy and that it is estimated between 13 and 16 the percentage of the OTC market that moves on the online sale. On the contrary, cyber pharmacies have a number of advantages. There are no timetables. There is no need for the patient to run to get their medication. He can do it from home. It is also at home that he receives them. Dispensing and reception are facilitated. But it is confidentiality that appeals to Internet users who use online pharmacies. If we only had to give one example, we could mention the sale of the HIV self-test whose sales are increased tenfold on the Internet. However, as at present, nearly 50,000 Canadian people are HIV positive but do not know it, online pharmacies respond well to a major concern in terms of public health.

We thank you for your visit and for the trust you have placed in us.